professional cycling

July 31, 2007

i have had enough.

gangsters, the lot of ’em. 😦


vino = dopo

July 24, 2007

so, vino has been caught doping at this year’s tour.

what a surprise – didn’t see that one coming.

how can you be stupid enough to dope in cycling any more -vino now loses 1 year’s salary and is probably out of cycling for good – can’t say he’ll be missed.

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Alexandre Vinokourov’s tour chance looks finally to be over.  in spite of complaining about his injuries i can’t help but think he has had to stop “using” dr ferrari as much as he would like.


great success?  maybe?

if you cannot get to a tv and you are at work, stuck behind a computer then copy this into you browser:


have a nice day. 🙂

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king* david

July 9, 2007

millar takes the polka-dot jersey!  and that is david millar, not robert!

wonder how long he can hold it for? he says up to the alps.


great break away today, allez millar!!!!

*of the mountains. 🙂