british eurosport

May 29, 2007

in order to make eurosport more “suitable” for a british audience “british eurosport” was launched. if you are a cycling fan this was bad news. it means that cycling – seen as a minority supported sport in the UK (which it is not) – is the first to get the boot in favour of any other sport that is on – be that snooker (the images are exactly the same being shown on the BBC, at the same time), tennis, handball, volleyball, etc.

the people running it are obvious arseholes and not aware how much they are losing as british cycling fans rush out to buy the old cheap analogue receivers to get “normal” eurosport.

another example of britain hating cycling. i wish london hadn’t got the tour grand depart 😦 it doesn’t deserve it.

you can however, watch the giro here:


copy and paste into browser/windows media player


the best bit’s at the end….”by GONDOLA” 🙂