agh, fog!

December 21, 2006

for the second day in a row i have ended up riding through a cloud. after you get over the initial “wow this is beautiful” you soon become cold and covered in dew, and then you get frozen going down the other side of the mountain. funny thing is though, that it was sunny on the other side.

on top of all this i broke a spoke too 😦






…and rightly so. nicole cooke has acheived more than any of the other people up for sports personality of the year. she has won the most prestigious of the womens’ events, and podiumed at the world champs (let alone being world cup winner). unfortunately a chinless royal type who sits on horses won. 😦

probably to be expected though, the last cyclist to win was tom simpson in 1965 – inspite of britain having the best track cyclists in the world in the 90s in boardman and obree who constantly broke the world hour record in an almost personal battle.

i reckon cyclists in the UK are merely an obstruction on the road for most people.  twats.