Pro Cycling Manager

November 25, 2006


i have recently discovered this great PC game called “pro cycling manager”. initially i didn’t know what to expect – i had never heard of the software house before – but i took a chance and downloaded it from the official website for $39.99.

i immediately became addicted. 🙂

this is such a great game with loads of features and you can download additional databases to recreated scenarios such as armstrong vs pantani in 2000 from the official forum.

one word of caution, though. don’t expect to get much training done if the choice is between playing this and going out in the rain. 😉

some screen shots:






Cycling Torrents

November 7, 2006

for anyone who lives in northern europe, around this time of year the nights close in and the cold wind blows.

however, if you have a pc you can download some torrents of the tour de france and vuelta. point your RSS reader here and you can download some of the latest torrents and bring a bit of sunshine into your lives.

alternatively go here and have a browse.