snake pass

August 23, 2006

the snake is a climb that i do about 4-5 times a week as it is on my doorstep. it is just over 3 miles long and has an average gradient of around 7%.

the climb proper begins at the royal oak pub:

the first part is pretty steep and can initially tire you out if you attack it too agressively.

the climb then flattens out on the first corner before going back up to about 8%:

then the road seems to get heavy and drags on your legs:

around the middle of the climb the gradient slackens off a bit but still takes it out of you (looking down the road):

but if you look to your right you get a nice view of the reservior:

then the road seems to just go on and on:

before kicking up about 2/3rds of the way in:

then it really flattens off toward the top and the bleak moors:

i usually take around 20 mins to go up here, but pushing it i can do the climb in around 17 mins. if you are going up the snake you need to beware of the motorcyclists who go up around 100mph (seriously) and the chavs in their ford fiestas who are always sure to shout something stupid as they pass you. 🙂 😕

on the 10th of september there is a hill climb TT event organised by my club.


One Response to “snake pass”

  1. prolepticlife said

    Beautiful country to ride in. I’m jealous. This evening I will go out and ride in the heat (90% plus). I’ll be dreaming of dew covered cold descents down long hills while turning my jersey white with sweat.

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