Look CX7

August 19, 2006

these pedals have recently had a massive drop in price, from over £200 to around £50-60. as i do like a bargin i invested. 🙂

they have been around a while and have been used by a lot of the top pros due to their adjustability and light weight. i was surprised when they arrived in a large parcel (these are little pedals for gawd’s sake) but opening it i discovered that i had bought more that just some pedals, but a total pedal system designed to increase comfort and therefore power.

there are 5 changable plates which come with the pedal which mean that you can change the angle at which your foot sits on the pedal, a similar idea to lemond wedges.

i opted to put the -1.5 degree plates on after giving the others a try. a slight minus angle seems to suit my style.

i must admit to being a bit overwhelmed with all the options with this pedal. you can change the q-factor by 10mm each side, the foot seating by +/-3 degrees, the tension of the spring which holds the cleat, and the red cleats have 5 degrees of float (or you can go for the black ones if no float is your thing).

for the last year i have been using time rxs and have been generally happy with them – apart from a constant clicking i once had when the axel loosened and i didn’t notice it, i spent an hour taking my bottom bracket apart though :?. the difference between the two pedals for me was the clipping in/out (which i found to be easier with the time pedals) and the feel of the pedal.

inspite of all the technology which look have employed here i still find i get “hot” feet more often than with the time setup. however, it is early days and before i run back to my trusted time setup i shall give the looks a bit more of a chance. however, i hope i get more wear out of the look cleats than i have in the past (which was one of the reasons i changed to time) otherwise when these ones wear out the pedals may find themselves adorning my training bike 😕


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